AHOWAN - Awakening Humanity to Oneness With All Nature

Awakening Peace In The Human Animal Naturally

APITHAN Ministries is a Corporate Sole by Rev Ahowan ICrow, RScP, OAC

Rev Ahowan ICrow was the Spiritual Leader, Co-Founder of AHOWAN Traveling Spiritual Sanctuary, Founder of APITHAN Ministries

When I was five years old, I told my Native American Grandmother, "One of these days Grandma, I am gonna ride my motorcycle across all 50 states and I am going to have a message!" I DID IT! 

I have not stopped.....in fact, the message, the passion keeps growing.
I have given my entire Life to this message, to this mission, to this vision.
I am here to serve the Animals.....and that means YOU! 
(YES......the Human and the Non-Human)

The message is simple......PEACE.....Peace with ALL Animals.

 I have integrated Spiritual Principles and Wisdom teachings into a 
Unique Ministry that includes ALL of Nature.

 1. Ordained Animal Chaplain (Emerson Theological Institute) 
and Animal Behaviorialist/Rescuer for 30 years 
2. A Licensed Spiritual Practitioner (Centers for Spiritual Living)
3. A Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master, Healing Touch Practitioner
4. A Deeksha Oneness Blessing Giver & Trainer 
5. Humane Minister (Emerson Theological Institute)

                                                                                                                             I provide Spiritual Counseling, Healing, and Behavioral Life Coaching for both the Human Animals and the Non-Human Animals.

All sessions are done on a Love Offering Basis....it is between you and your Heart what the Energy Exchange is worth to You.....for me, it is priceless.

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ONE Dream of Ahowan ICrow with Apithan Ministries is combining an Animal Rescue Sanctuary with "Houseless" Children, where they live, learn, and experience each other in a Wholistic "Garden of Eden" way.

Can you Picture IT?? Can you FEEL it?? 

Well, I asked : And it is happening NOW!

Join Rev Ahowan in Meditating Daily at NOON, wherever YOU are,  envisioning the Children and the Animals LIVING together NATURALLY. 

EVERYDAY at Noon...Set your Alarm....it only takes a few minutes and it effects the Whole World.

It is happening.......NOW!


I see a world where ALL Animals are LIVING, THRIVING, AND ENJOYING their True Nature in their Natural Environment, giving and receiving in Peaceful, Harmonious Love. 
I know, without a doubt, the Non-Human Animals ARE demonstrating this Health and Wholeness when the HUMAN ANIMAL evolves to this Vibrational Level, so 

I intend a world that is fully awake with happy people, plants and animals everywhere who know their loving wisdom, show their powerful courage and thrive in complete creative open-hearted freedom. A world where we automatically understand our personal True Power, move with the Faith and Trust of God, live from the Principles of Life with full compassion looking only to the positive aspects of each other.

I see a world where we understand that our differences are our Godselves expressing uniquely and we love each other even more for them. Everyone holds the vision of the Highest Light in their mind for everyone, including the plants and animals. In this world we naturally feel safe and the animals show this by coming right up to us with trust; the plants flourish instantly, and the waters are 100% pure.

This is a world where we understand that loving and nurturing ourselves IS loving and nurturing the animals, plants, and sea creatures; therefore it reflects back to us with toxicity removed, jails closed, hunting gone, animal labs and factories shut down, borders are open, and wars ceased. The lion really does lay down with the lamb peacefully, and the Garden of Eden is here and Now. And so it is for the Highest Good of all.

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