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AHOWAN - Awakening Humanity to Oneness with All Nature
The very thing that makes us human is what creates our perceived separateness, as we realize this gift & use it to include all of ourselves as a part of the animal kingdom we will end the suffering for all of Nature         I Crow
 AHOWAN is dedicated to building partnerships between people, groups, and organizations. As a part of nature, we share how we.......... 
               Peacefully Encompass All Creations Energies


Ahowan strengthens people, groups, and organizations by engaging them in their interdependence, with their Oneness, with each other, with our pets, with domestic and wild animals, with plants, the environment and nature as Oneness

 Ahowan's  2014-2016 
Nature Oneness Wisdom Peregrination

Ahowan will be continuing its mission of Awakening Humanity to Oneness with All Nature by Peacefully Encompassing All Creation Energies in India.

Ahowan will be engaged six days a week with the animal sanctuary Jeev Aashraya/Kanha Upvan (www.Kanhaupvan.com) and the Animal Ashram in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India starting May of 2014. 

Ahowan’s mission with Jeev Aashraya/Kanha Upvan and the Animal Ashram will be to offer their expertise in animal advocacy, teaching, animal rescue, and community outreach in Uttar Pradesh and other Indian States.

Ahowan will be providing its Nature Oneness Wisdom Education to Orphan School’s (Rodell Medium School) in Lucknow and (Little Stars School) in Varanasi, India.

In addition Ahowan has started a nightly Meditation Group and a weekly Science of Mind study group at Lucknow Homestay at 110-D Mall Avenue in Lucknow, India.

Ahowan publishes in the Lucknow Tribune (www.thelucknowtribune.org) a weekly column focusing our spirituality with the Animals.
Your support of Ahowan is vital to its ongoing mission. Please share your abundance with us in any way that Spirit moves you.

An opportunity is available for direct volunteering in India, contact Ahowan for more details.

AHOWAN provides private consultations and spiritual counseling upon request. 

Now available the book  I Crow Speaks "The Magic of Crow"   just click on 

*As a 501c3 (Tax # 27-3448199) not for profit non- denominational traveling sanctuary for the prevention of the cruelty to animals, including humans, Ahowan does not discriminate based upon Race, Creed, Sexual Orientation, Religious Preference or SPECIES
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